Minimalism – How Having LESS Creates MORE Confidence

We have been raised to believe you need to acquire as much stuff as possible. You need more money, more clothes, more cars, more properties, more friends etc etc etc. And yet we’re possible the most depressed generation of humans ever to existed. Is getting heaps of stuff really the answer, or is it just a conspiracy of consumerism to Read More

The Rules That Rule Your Life

We were born into a world full of rules that you had no hand in creating. And yet these rules completely dominate your life, and much of your decision-making. Do you think that these rules are real? I was inspired by the book Sapiens Yuval Harari. In this podcast, I explore the rules you’ve been following your whole life, and Read More

Financial Freedom in Just 24 Hours!

Do you want to learn this trick to becoming financially free? What if you could do it without earning extra money? Is that something you would be interested in? Maybe you think that’s not you. But check out this podcast if you’ve been chasing money under the guise of pursuing financial freedom, because there might be a chance that you’re Read More

How to be Independent

Do you keep thinking about how to make more money, or work from home? You want freedom, and independence, but are you sure you know what that means? Read More