Relax! How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Enjoying Time Out

Do you feel restless when there’s nothing to do? Do you feel guilty when you get ‘caught’ relaxing? Do you find yourself bragging about being busy? If so, you’re showing all the hallmarks of someone who is ashamed of relaxing, taking time out, and even enjoying life. And yes, you’re not alone: most people are ashamed of not being constantly Read More

Getting Unstuck Using the 3X Model of Confidence

We all get stuck. Whether it’s overthinking and being unable to commit to a decision; or burning out from being extremely busy without making any progress, or getting lost in information overload and not knowing where to begin. The 3X Model of Confidence was designed to help people remain unstuck and make huge progress with their self-confidence. It’s very easy and simple Read More

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Listen to this just 10 minutes per day to increase focus, clarity, calm and presence. Confidence means getting in touch with reality – meditation is how you practice. Read More

Rescue Your Sanity With A Quick 2 Step Stress Plan

  Are you stressed at work? Here’s something you need to realize: its all you! Pressure and stress are not the same thing; stress is your reaction to pressure Easiest way to reduce stress is to stop yourself thinking about things over and over in a negative way. 1) PAY ATTENTION Catch yourself out when you’re constantly over-thinking about something Read More