10 Reasons to Live

Watch the video above, or read the transcript below Today I’m going to try to convince you why you need to live. I want to start by sharing a question I received from a guy who’s obviously worried that trying to put in an effort – trying to make something of his life – is a waste of time. Here’s Read More

Entropy: Fighting Off Death Every Day

Watch the video above, or read the transcription below Entropy, as described by the second law of thermodynamics, is a concept in physics that describes how everything slowly goes to disorder. Today, we’re going to talk about how this practically affects your life and your confidence on a daily basis. I’m no quantum physicist – I’m not an expert who Read More

Finding Meaning without Fame, Wealth, Religion or Science

If you prefer reading, scroll down for the blog version: I think it’s now beyond dispute to claim the human race in general is experiencing a crisis of meaning. Purpose, spirituality, happiness – whatever word you want to use for it – we seem to be missing something. We’re a species doomed to self-loathing and self-destruction through our obsession for Read More

The Pointless Pursuit of Finding Your Purpose

From early childhood we start receiving the message that we need a purpose in life; a single goal that we are supposed to feel passionate about and chase with unrelenting vigour. What if this is actually counter-productive to finding meaning in every single moment, because it keeps us focused on the fictional future? In this episode we explore how to create a meaningful life one second at a time. Read More