Desperation is a good thing! With Teddy Woolsey

Only a few short years ago, Teddy Woolsey was witnessing his marriage deteriorate in front of his eyes while his finances went down the toilet. He was miserable and hitting bottom. Today, he’s with the girl of his dreams, hosts his own podcast, and mastering money to a level where he can coach others to do the same, while feeling Read More

How to Build Healthy Relationships

If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of BROJO’s content and powerful confidence-building email courses by joining today. It’s free. Learn more here! Is your marriage or relationship in trouble? Or do you have problems creating a healthy relationship in the first place? After hours of painstaking research, years of difficult trial and error, and years of coaching Read More

13 Tips For a Marriage in Trouble

Marriage problems? Need to improve the relationship? If you want to know how to have a happy marriage check out these 13 tips for people noticing problems in their marriage. Read More

The Pressure to Fit In and Be Like Everyone Else

How do I fit in? This is the question we start asking ourselves from our first day in school. How can I be more like everyone else? This is what we start asking when we enter high school. We want to figure out how to be popular because of all the peer pressure we feel on a daily basis. And it Read More

How Can I Work On Myself When My Partner Isn’t Supportive?

In a marriage or other partnership, it’s inevitable that one person will start developing more than the other, at some point. Self improvement with a soulmate can be more challenging than expected, especially if they aren’t interested. This video is relationship advice for anyone trying to grow within their relationship.