Endless Confidence | Menprovement Academy

In 7 interviews we cover everything I know about how to be confident and authentic, so that you never need to pretend again! Learn the secrets to “just being yourself” and open up a world of freedom, excitement and powerful engagement in life. Read More

What Does YOUR Ideal Life Look Like?

What would your life look like if there were no limitations? In this video I take you through the Dreams – Ideal Life exercise from my #1 bestselling book The Legendary Life: Build the Motivation and Confidence to Create an Authentic Lifestyle. Grab a pen and paper, and prepare to figure out your ideal life so that you can set Read More

How to be happier using the Pareto Principle

Have you ever taken the time to analyse where your time goes every week? By using the 80/20 Pareto Principle you can make life more enjoyable. Learn how to increase happiness through analysing and changing what takes up your time and energy. Read More

“The Legendary Life” – free sample

    Hey guys, thanks for checking out your FREE chapter of The Legendary Life. If you enjoy it, pick yourself up a full copy here, only $9.95 with a lifetime guarantee (pretty sweet right?). And please share it around and help me promote the message of creating a better life for yourself.     Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivators Don’t Read More

What Is The Secret To Good Luck?

  I think the saying “Good things come to those who wait” is one of the single most destructive pieces of advice you can receive as child. There is no such thing as good luck. There is merely the reward that comes from living in a way that makes the most of opportunities. Good luck is about being able to Read More