Positive Thinking Sucks! (aka Law of Attraction)

Watch the video above or read the written version below Is it good to be positive? Today we’re going to challenge this idea by looking particularly at something that a lot of people do when they get into self-development: the practice of positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are essentially where you look yourself in the mirror (or write in your journal) Read More

Kill Your Fantasy

Procrastination remains one of life’s biggest mysteries. You know you should do it, yet you just can’t seem to find the motivation, courage or time to follow through. It’s time for you to explore why this is happening. It’s time to kill the fantasy, before it’s too late. Read More

Why Give Without Getting Something in Return?

Sometimes I get questioned about this giver’s gain philosophy, e.g. “If you don’t get anything out of it, what’s the point?” The problem is that expecting something ‘in return’ creates an internal hole, one that cannot be filled by anything external. That empty hole inside, that people try to fill with recognition and validation, is simply the sensation / mental Read More