How to approach a woman without harassing her

In today’s age of the #metoo movement, men are becoming terrified of approaching a girl, especially on the street. While we might genuinely feel attraction towards someone, trying to start a conversation without being accused of harassment seems to be more complicated than it once was. Men now suffer from approach anxiety – they want to initiate but the potential consequences Read More

The Difference Between Flirting and Harassment

Men are scared to flirt, and women think men are dangerous. However, flirting can be safe if the man’s intentions are giving, respectful, and he acknowledging the context. And women should know the difference between harassment feeling awkward. Read More

Preventing Sexual Assault: The Truth Behind the #metoo Trend

We need to give men the power to be protective again, to allow them to be masculine. Man blaming causes us to miss the fact that only a few men are sexual predators. We need to stop shaming the men who will protect us from the sexual assault of the wolves in society. We need the sheepdogs. Read More