Why You Need To Have Confrontations

  “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength but by perseverance” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr. If you want to be authentic, to live by your values without fail, then you must expect confrontation. The only alternative is to be completely alone, living like a hermit in a damp isolated Read More

How To Deal With Stubborn People: Naive Inquirer

I have some coaching techniques to share with you all today. Specifically, I’m going to talk about working through resistance with clients. My background is working in Corrections, so rehabilitating criminal offenders, and pretty much about 90% of them did not want to work with me. So I dealt with highly resistant clients. The people whose behavior I had to Read More

7 Rules Which Create A Positive Support Circle

Today I had an interview with a client about how to start her own business. She had some fantastically creative ideas for various ways to put her strengths to good use. She spoke of using her journey overcoming body-image issues and eating disorders to create a confidence-building programme for women. But she hadn’t started doing anything about it yet. Why? Read More

Giving Feedback Without Creating Enemies: Re-define Honesty

When I discuss the concept of complete honesty with people, most struggle with this the most when it comes to giving feedback. The frequency with which people tell lies is quite shocking when you step back and look at it. Every day most people tell hundreds of lies. They omit the truth or they blatantly say something with they do Read More

How To Talk With Confidence: 7 public speaking tips

Have you ever seen yourself on video, or heard yourself speaking on a recording, and felt uncomfortable?
Sometimes it can be shocking to see or hear yourself as others do.
In this video I will go through my top 7 practical public speaking tips, to show you how to talk with confidence. This is an area that many people let themselves down without being aware of it. Read More

Are Leaders Born or Made? The Top 5 Leadership Mistakes

  Do you manage staff? If so, there’s a good chance you feel like you are out on your own, under-supported, and potentially lacking the knowledge you need to do your job effectively. Are leaders born or made? Many higher level managers believe that leaders are ‘natural’, and this assumption tends to discourage them from bothering to develop and coach Read More