Having Something “To Lose” is An Illusion

 You are trying to hold back and avoid taking risks because you’re worried to lose something, aren’t you? Approval and friendship. Money and property. Muscles and fitness. Status and reputation. These are all things that you might offer your integrity just to hold onto a little longer. You’ve got nothing to lose to listen this podcast.    

Doing The Impossible: 4-Step Process To Breaking Through Mental Loops

Other people are doing it, but for you it’s impossible. Maybe it’s starting a business, or asking out a girl, or losing 50 pounds. We each have that thing that defeats us, no matter how hard we try. Don’t worry, there’s a good chance your real issue is your own self-sabotage. In this recording, we explore why you get in Read More

What to do about the “I’m Not Good Enough” Story

Every time you anticipate failure or embarrassment, this voice in your head starts doubting you, insulting you, and punishing you. Why do we beat ourselves this way? What’s the point of this? Well, that’s the question. We’ll explore now the dark truth behind the Not Good Enough script you’re so attached to, and discover what’s hiding behind it.    

Getting Past A Week From Hell With Richard Phu

There are always weeks that just do not go well, or are filled with failure, heartbreak and confusion. These are unavoidable. What can be influenced, however, is how we react and deal with them. Introducing Confidence Coach of the Forge Your Life Podcast, Richard Phu. In this true-life session we explore how Richard could cope with a week that included Read More

How I Have Failed

  Most of the people I’ve met who have great ideas never get started. Why? Quite simply because they’re afraid to fail. We seem to believe that if it doesn’t work out the first time, there will be some sort of shameful disgrace; a punishment that’s not worth the risk. Time and again I’ve been frustrated as I watch people Read More