Feeling emotionally numb? The problem of ‘learned psychopathy’

Watch the video above, or read the written version below It can be pretty common for modern-day men to feel like they don’t actually have emotions. I felt like that for most of my life. I had suppressed my emotions so much that I started to believe that I genuinely wasn’t experiencing them. It was actually a tragedy – in Read More

Control freaks: how to handle things going wrong

watch the video above, or read the transcript below Today’s post is for the control freaks amongst us; the people who find it really upsetting when things don’t go to plan, when something goes wrong, or when what they had scheduled gets disrupted by something outside of their control. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of these Read More

How to Handle Criticism in 5 Simple Steps

Watch the video above, or read the written version below Unfortunately, most people’s confidence is completely dependent on the feedback they receive from others, which means a lot of people have their confidence crushed by criticism, hatred, and discouragement. Today, we’re going to talk about how to build your confidence in such a way that nobody can bring you down Read More

How to Deal With Stress

If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of Dan’s content and his powerful confidence-building email courses by joining the famous BROJO self-development community. It’s free! Learn more here. ———————— Stress is a killer. Not only is it linked to various diseases and increased chances of injury, fatigue and failure, it’s also notoriously difficult to cope with. In this Read More

Emotional Rationality: How to “Control” Your Emotions

We sometimes beat ourselves for getting very emotional and we blame our emotions for bad decisions and poor behaviour. This helps us to become more rational. Without emotions and feelings, we are not human. Questions are. Why do we struggle with them? And is it truly irrational to be emotional? Fortunately, there’s a way to make valuable decisions and live a Read More

What 2017 Taught Us About Self-Acceptance

Dan and Mike – two founders of Brojo – talk about painful lessons they learned from 2017, hard year for both of them, and how they founded the secrets to self-acceptance. Listen and learn with them.    

Stop Taking Responsibility For Other Peoples’ Emotions

We use a large amount of our energy trying to keep others from feeling painful emotion, by trying to make them happy, or by calming them down. But why do we do this? What’s wrong with being sad, angry and afraid? Let’s find out how to remove the burden of trying to make others happy, and what you should do Read More

Dealing with Being Confused

Confusion has an messy relationship with confidence. We often believe we need to be certain – to be sure of ourselves – to avoid things like stress and depression. In this video, Dan explores how to embrace confusion and understand it as a helpful emotion for overcoming conflict, engaging in meaningful confrontations, and learning.

Dealing with Regret

We often look back on the past and think “If only I had…” or “If only I hadn’t…” of “I should’ve done this or that.” We yearn for the magical ability to travel back in time and undo the mistakes we made or avoid the terrible things that happened to us. We assume that if we had this magical ability, Read More