Break the System: The Power of Free Speech and Honesty

There’s no denying that you’ll meet a lot of resistance these days if you freely speak your mind. We live in a dishonest world that supports lying, manipulation, shame, and deception. There’s only one way to escape a system like this: we need to break it. How good would it be if we could all freely speak our minds without Read More

“What’s the difference between Honesty and Dishonesty?”

BROJO Coaches Dan and Mike answer your questions. Today, we look deeply at what it means to be honest, and how that’s different from being dishonest. ———————— For more personal support, contact us directly with your questions If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of BROJO’s content and dozens of confidence-building online courses by joining today. It’s Read More

You’re not as honest as you think you are

Most people consider themselves to be “honest people” because they don’t consider themselves to be outright liars. But lying is not the only form of dishonesty. To celebrate the upcoming release of Dan’s next book ‘The Naked Truth‘, this video discusses the 4 levels of honesty, and the 5 Principles of Powerful Honesty, that will take your integrity to the Read More

The Naked Truth: Honesty v Dishonesty

A sneak peek into Dan Munro’s upcoming book The Naked Truth. This podcast is the audio version of the first 3 chapters: 1. Choosing to be honest 2. What is honesty? 3. The hidden faces of dishonesty Contact Dan at for details on how to pre-order this book    

21 Reasons to Stop Lying

Watch the video version above, or read the transcript below Today we’re going to be addressing a topic that I’ve kind of neglected a little bit because I thought it was obvious, but maybe it’s not. And that topic is why you need to stop lying so much. Now, before you go about telling me (or yourself) that you don’t Read More