You Are Not Special… But It’s OK!

Nice guys or how we call them People-pleasers and perfectionists have something in common. They are both terrified of being insignificant. We all want to matter. We want to be remembered, to have an impact, and to be important. We’re all obsessed with being good enough. But the question is WHY? What if it was ok to not be memorable, Read More

Overcoming Performance Anxiety in Bed

This podcast is specialy for the men. Men who mostly struggle with dating or sex. The sexually inexperienced men; the guys who frequently experience anxiety-based erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation; the guys who can’t seem to get laid or find a partner no matter how hard they try. This one is for you who suspect they may have some Read More

Feeling Alone In The Universe? The Secret Behind “Over-Achiever Guilt”

I was experiencing this feeling of mild dread, like a something was possibly going to drop on top of me. I was almost waiting for it all to collapse.
I’ve always been a bit like this and never known why. Until the other day…
During the session it became clear: I have somehow developed a belief that it’s me vs the Universe. I’m on my own, cannot rely on ‘good luck’ to help me, and that actually it’s an everyday battle just to avoid collapsing… Read More