Bystander Effect: That Time I Didn’t Help the Autistic Kid Because I was Embarrassed

Coach Dan tells the story of the time he was unable to assist someone in need simply because of Bystander Effect – he was afraid of being embarrassed. ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of BROJO’s content and dozens of confidence-building online courses by joining Read More

Courage in the face of fear

Guest post by Anthony Zhou I work with young offenders and even before I started this role, I knew that there was a risk that I could be assaulted. During training, we were informed of staff being assaulted in another precinct. It was always in the back of mind that it could happen to me; it wasn’t a matter of Read More

3 Fears Stopping You From Taking Risks

You can watch the video version above, or read the text version below One of the most important facets of everyday life is taking risks. Today, we’re going to be talking about three fears that stop most people taking risks. Risk-taking is simply engaging in any behavior where you feel that there is a medium to high likelihood of failure. Read More

How to Stop Fear Controlling You

Our thoughts about an anxiety are always fear, terror or panic. These are the least likely ways that fear will prevent you from taking helpful action. It’s hard to deal with the fear.  It’s tricky, it uses manipulation techniques to control you. See these examples: – distraction (e.g. social media) – intimidation (e.g. perfectionism) – invalidation (e.g. not good enough) Read More