Control Freaks: Our Dark Secrets

Many of us are self-described Control Freaks. We feel a great neediness for things to be done the “right” way (our way), for life to be problem-free and smooth, and for everything to “make sense”. When this stuff doesn’t happen, we tend to get very stressed and frustrated. In this episode, we look at the truth behind controlling mindsets and Read More

Frame Control – Managing Your Reality

How you DECIDE to see the world will completely determine your quality of life. Objective reality is neutral – it’s only once we “frame” it that it takes on meaning, value and pain. If you can learn how to control your frame, you can choose to make reality suit you, as well as protect yourself from the manipulation of others. Read More

Dealing With Negative Thoughts

There is so much self-development advice out there. Tells you to control your thoughts because you are so negative. What about if this is what causes you struggling at the first point? Let’s learn what it’s like to let go of checking your negative thoughts and also take a more helpful approach to dealing with them.