The Difference Between Attraction, Connection & Relationships

One of the biggest problems I see with my coaching clients when it comes to their social lives (and with friends and family in general), is they get three different concepts confused with each other: attraction, connection, and relationships. Anybody who doesn’t know what these three things are and doesn’t know how to separate them, or to measure what they’ve Read More

How to Create a Deep Emotional Connection

LIGHT V DARK Today I wanted to talk about connection – making a deep meaningful connection with other people. It’s probably an entire course on its own, but what I wanted to talk about today was a misconception around connection that held me back my entire life and really made it difficult for me to connect with people, because I Read More

How to avoid small talk and go deeper

If you’re like me, you get bored of small talk. You want a deep connection but you’re feeling stuck in superficial conversations and relationships. You’d like to bring better conversation skills to your dating and social life, but you’re not sure how to stop playing safe and create some genuine, unique and interesting interactions. Check out this video on how to Read More

Simple & Authentic Communication Skills For Deeper Connections

One day someone asked me what I tell people that allows me to have deep conversation with them. It took me a while to figure it out, but I’ve broken down the common mistakes that people can make, and what they can change, so you can practically apply these learnings to increase your connections with friends, family, co-workers, lovers or find Read More

How to Set Boundaries through Healthy Confrontations

Many people deal with confrontation in wrong ways. They either avoid it and sugar-coat it, leaving yourself to get walked all over. Or they explode and judge, destroying relationships and connections. Fortunately, there is always way to assert yourself and respect your boundaries. If you listen carefully this podcast, you will learn all.    

How to find The One

Do you believe you need to find a special partner and that you’re a loser if you’re not in a relationship? You try to figure out how to find The One. But what if that search is preventing you from finding love? Let’s investigate further. Read More

It’s OK to be Jealous

We have been led to believe that jealousy is a bad thing, but what if it could build a better relationship? Being honest about jealousy creates deep connections. Read More

What Women REALLY Want

Are you unable to create a loving relationship? Nice Guy Syndrome getting in the way of attraction, and figuring out what women really want? Read this today. Read More

What It Means to Truly Connect With Another Person

Your fear of being insignificant and the pain of loneliness is what causes you to hide an accurate expression of yourself. Instead you cling to your “identity”, while missing out on connections that would be formed if you practiced vulnerability. Read More