Getting Past A Week From Hell With Richard Phu

There are always weeks that just do not go well, or are filled with failure, heartbreak and confusion. These are unavoidable. What can be influenced, however, is how we react and deal with them. Introducing Confidence Coach of the Forge Your Life Podcast, Richard Phu. In this true-life session we explore how Richard could cope with a week that included Read More

Dealing with Being Confused

Confusion has an messy relationship with confidence. We often believe we need to be certain – to be sure of ourselves – to avoid things like stress and depression. In this video, Dan explores how to embrace confusion and understand it as a helpful emotion for overcoming conflict, engaging in meaningful confrontations, and learning.

5 Value Conflicts that Freeze Your Decision-Making

You want to do the “right” thing, it’s just sometimes “right” thing isn’t clear. The confusion is so intense that we end up doing nothing at all. Here’s how to break a values conflict and get moving on that tough decision. Read More