Managing Your Retroactive Jealousy, Sexual Envy and Possessiveness

If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of BROJO’s content and dozens of confidence-building online courses by joining today. It’s free! Learn more here. ———————— Jealousy rears its ugly head in all relationships eventually. Particularly what’s know as ‘retroactive jealousy’ – where you get upset and feel threatened by your partner’s sexual history. In this podcast, we discuss Read More

Trust And Betrayal – The Secret to Good Relationships

We’re told our entire lives that relationships are based on trust. But what is trust? What does it mean to break it? Why are we so hurt by betrayal? Maybe you’ve never asked these questions before. Let’s take a deep dive into the weird concept of trust, and explore why hoping for it is a one-way ticket to heartbreak.   Read More

Should I Leave My Partner If I Like Someone Else?

Long term relationships are hard, particularly long distance relationships. There will always be temptations to cheat, because there will always be attraction. Why do men cheat? Why do women cheat? How to stay loyal in a relationship? Answering these questions all comes down to understanding what is happening in your brain and body when you’re attracted to someone else. Dan’s Read More