A truthful guide to creating a 6-figure service business

There’s a lot of bullshit advice out there for people wanting to start their own business (or grow their current business). As a coach who has created a successfully profitable 6-figure business in 6 years, I wanted to talk about the real way to do it, without needing capital, quick fix schemes, or shady marketing techniques. This one is for Read More

3 Tips for Starting Your Own Business

Watch the video above or read the written version below This one is for the wannabe entrepreneurs: anyone who’s thinking about starting a business or has been playing with that idea, especially a service-based business (as opposed to a product-based business where you’re just selling an item/s). I did a 90min BROJO webinar where we covered this in much more Read More

The Painful Truth About Running Your Own Business

It’s December; reflection time. A client recently told me he was inspired by a post I shared on Facebook about my struggles with money this year. This reminded me that sometimes, given the nature of my work, I give the impression that I have everything sorted and under control. It’s important that you know I don’t have it all sorted. Read More

The Brute Force Method of Success

  Imagine I tell you that if you can figure out the password to my bank account, I’ll let you withdraw $1million. You can take as much time as you want. However all you get to know to start off with is that it’s 20 digits in length. What would you do? If you are familiar with code-breaking as a Read More

USA: Where The Young Have Challenged The Status Quo

A hundred years ago, if a 21 year old man told you he was going to start his own business, you would have laughed in his face. I mean come on, the odds of a 21 year old being a successful business man in the year 1914 was about as likely as him becoming president of the United States. Fast-forward… Read More