How to Know Yourself, Step One: Stop Believing Your Beliefs

Notice how CERTAIN you feel about your beliefs. You’re sure that you’re an atheist or a person of faith. You’re sure that you’re a good person or a bad person. You’re sure that you believe in gravity. But WHY are you so sure?   For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions If you enjoyed this video, Read More

What 100 People Pleasers Say They Have in Common

This People Pleaser survey was conducted over the months of November-December in 2017, as part of market research for my new coaching program The Honesty Effect: 3X Your Social Confidence to Free Yourself from People Pleasing in Just 12 Weeks. Over 100 people responded to the survey, and I’ve analysed the results with my feedback here. If you identify as Read More

Give Up Your Identity

Most people try to label themselves as succinctly as possible. These identity labels come with an unwritten set of rules, standards and boundaries. Whatever the identity, the label is a summary of the rules you must follow to remain true to “yourself.” We believe in our identities only because of a massive filtering out of evidence – both passively and actively – to avoid acknowledging the simple truth: That we’re not identifiable. Read More

Kill Your Fantasy

Procrastination remains one of life’s biggest mysteries. You know you should do it, yet you just can’t seem to find the motivation, courage or time to follow through. It’s time for you to explore why this is happening. It’s time to kill the fantasy, before it’s too late. Read More

How to find The One

Do you believe you need to find a special partner and that you’re a loser if you’re not in a relationship? You try to figure out how to find The One. But what if that search is preventing you from finding love? Let’s investigate further. Read More

The Painful Truth About Running Your Own Business

It’s December; reflection time. A client recently told me he was inspired by a post I shared on Facebook about my struggles with money this year. This reminded me that sometimes, given the nature of my work, I give the impression that I have everything sorted and under control. It’s important that you know I don’t have it all sorted. Read More

How to Free Yourself from Regret

Regret is caused by your tendency to create “counterfactual realities”. If you’re a Nice Guy you tend to only see the past as being a failure. Live by your values instead… Read More

The Importance of Managing Your Expectations

  “Expectations are predictions bathed in unreasonable certainty” – me. I first started exploring the concept of managing expectations on a whim, when I ran the Confident Mindset Inner Circle for the first time. I had no idea how important this concept would turn out to be. I bought the conversation to the boys at Brojo, asking them some key Read More