Why being a nice guy is bad

Watch the video above or read the blog post version below Being “nice” is a bad thing. As a former Nice Guy or should I say a recovering Nice Guy, who spent over two decades being incredibly nice, I speak with some authority when I say that being nice is a completely bullshit way of being. It actually does more Read More

Attraction & Dating Using Authenticity, with Joe Ducard

This interview is with top dating coach Joe Ducard who helps us understand how to reconcile ‘game‘ and seduction (the development of social skills for better dating and relationship experiences) with being yourself. He shows us how being authentic and sharing who you are honestly can improve your dating and sex life, while remaining well-meaning and giving in your intentions. Read More

Give Up Your Identity

Most people try to label themselves as succinctly as possible. These identity labels come with an unwritten set of rules, standards and boundaries. Whatever the identity, the label is a summary of the rules you must follow to remain true to “yourself.” We believe in our identities only because of a massive filtering out of evidence – both passively and actively – to avoid acknowledging the simple truth: That we’re not identifiable. Read More

Why PUA Doesn’t Work

Have you found that being a Pick Up Artist hasn’t gotten you a deep and meaningful relationship? Are women leaving you after just a few weeks? Maybe this is why… Read More

What Women REALLY Want

Are you unable to create a loving relationship? Nice Guy Syndrome getting in the way of attraction, and figuring out what women really want? Read this today. Read More

Are You a Toxic Approval-Seeker?

Nothing kills confidence like approval-seeking and people-pleasing. If you feel like you’re not completely living by your values or lack integrity, this is for you. Read More

How to Lead a Conversation

If you’d like to know how to be charismatic, without over-thinking, this article will show how to use The 3X Model and core values to create a deep connection. Read More

Overcoming Shame

  “Shame occurs when you attach the concept of ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ to something you feel is true about you” – Dan Shame is the biggest barrier to self-confidence. Ultimately, confidence is just another word for being shameless. When you deeply and genuinely believe that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you, and you feel absolutely no compulsion to hide anything Read More

The Perfect First Date

Sick of hit ‘n miss online dating while you’re desperately trying to Find The One? Bring some leadership and integrity back into your dating for more success in love. Read More

The 3X Confidence and Authenticity Model explained

Yo guys, here is an upcoming excerpt on my next book, which will be all about creating authentic confidence through using this 3X Model. This is a long read, you might want to break it into sections and practice each one before moving on:“The 3X model came into being as I worked to synergize two separate success-related concepts. The first Read More