The Difference Between Attraction, Connection & Relationships

One of the biggest problems I see with my coaching clients when it comes to their social lives (and with friends and family in general), is they get three different concepts confused with each other: attraction, connection, and relationships. Anybody who doesn’t know what these three things are and doesn’t know how to separate them, or to measure what they’ve Read More

Confidence Coaching Session: Overcoming Fear of Showing Attraction, with Anthony Zhou

Witness another real coaching session with Dan Munro and his long-time friend and client Anthony. Anthony is looking to boost his social courage by learning how to boldly and shamelessly show his attraction towards women he’s interested in. In this session, we discuss how to show attraction towards all people, without neediness, dishonest seduction techniques, attachment to outcomes, or coming Read More

Are You Too Shallow? The Truth About Attraction

If you’re a single guy, you might have noticed a little pattern whereby you avoid women whom you’re attracted to so that others don’t think of you as “shallow.” And before we go further, it might help to clarify the difference between attraction, connection and relationships, here: I’ve noticed this come up with quite a few of my clients lately Read More

Inexperienced with women or new to dating?

Getting into the dating scene can seem overwhelming at first. Especially when you have a lack of experience with women, or are suffering from social anxiety. Many men looking for relationships struggle to get started, not knowing how to express attraction or becoming frustrated with always ending up in the friendzone. In this video above, we look at where to Read More

The Difference Between Flirting and Harassment

Men are scared to flirt, and women think men are dangerous. However, flirting can be safe if the man’s intentions are giving, respectful, and he acknowledging the context. And women should know the difference between harassment feeling awkward. Read More

Should I Leave My Partner If I Like Someone Else?

Long term relationships are hard, particularly long distance relationships. There will always be temptations to cheat, because there will always be attraction. Why do men cheat? Why do women cheat? How to stay loyal in a relationship? Answering these questions all comes down to understanding what is happening in your brain and body when you’re attracted to someone else. Dan’s Read More

What Does She Want From Me?

When it comes to attraction and dating, reading people can be really difficult. Relationships can’t start until you know that you’re both interested in each other. But sometimes it feels like the other person is lying or playing games. In this video, we explore how to figure out what the other person really wants.

Stuck in the Friendzone?

Are you finding yourself stuck in the friendzone and starting to get a little bitter and resentful about it? Frustrated that it never seems to go anywhere? Maybe it’s time to look at what you’re bringing into these so-called friendships Read More

How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

You can express attraction, whenever it comes up, without harming people, feeling ashamed, or putting yourself at risk. It’s just that no-one showed you how to do it. Read More