Stop making these 2 common anxiety mistakes

It’s that time of year again. The sun goes down and stays down. The temperature drops. Everyone starts spending more time indoors. And with these seasonal changes, comes… Seasonal anxiety Today I’m going to be answering essentially a question about seasonal anxiety (and depression as well). For those of you in the northern hemisphere, as the lights go down, as Read More

Overcoming Performance Anxiety in Bed

This podcast is specialy for the men. Men who mostly struggle with dating or sex. The sexually inexperienced men; the guys who frequently experience anxiety-based erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation; the guys who can’t seem to get laid or find a partner no matter how hard they try. This one is for you who suspect they may have some Read More

Emotional Rationality: How to “Control” Your Emotions

We sometimes beat ourselves for getting very emotional and we blame our emotions for bad decisions and poor behaviour. This helps us to become more rational. Without emotions and feelings, we are not human. Questions are. Why do we struggle with them? And is it truly irrational to be emotional? Fortunately, there’s a way to make valuable decisions and live a Read More

Bullying, Medication, and Trauma Recovery, with Melissa Wilson

Creator of “The Grass Gets Greener” podcast and Life Coach Melissa Wilson explains her vulnerable and inspirational story about how she survived terrible bullying to become self-confident and in control of her life. If you have any experience with bullies, social anxiety or trauma, please pay attention to what Melissa Wilson has to say.    

How to Reduce Anxiety and Manage Panic Attacks

Guest post by Sarah Fader from Anxiety has a tendency to take over our minds and bodies. It can come out of seemingly nowhere and cause you to feel out of control. Your hands begin to shake or your heart races and you feel like it will never end. Anxiety manifests differently in different people, but across the board, Read More

How I Overcame Chronic Social Anxiety

In the video above, I share my personal journey with chronic social anxiety. I spent a huge portion of my early life feeling anxious and nervous in social situations, especially when I was around people I was attracted to. But, I learned how to overcome it, and you can too. Read More

You Are More Powerful Than You Know

Do you think that you’re less powerful and free than other people in this world? Why? You might think it’s because they’ve got more than you. Probably more money, strength, political influence and popularity, health or skills. The real truth is that you’re as powerful as any of them, you just don’t realise it. If you don’t believe it, you Read More

The Big Lie You Tell Yourself

I think you are a good person. You’re trustworthy and generally an honest person, right? In that case, you should be experiencing a fulfilling and open love-life, social life, and career. So why if you are honest and good person, you’re not being rewarded for it? There must be something that you’re not seeing…    

Depression… You’re Doing It Wrong!

I used be depressed… or at least I thought I was. Many of my clients also have this complaint. Even people who have done years of therapy, meditation or even medication still can’t win their fight with depression. Through combining the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Stoic acceptance of pain and taking responsibility of your feelings. I’ve developed a Read More