Depression… You’re Doing It Wrong!

I used be depressed… or at least I thought I was. Many of my clients also have this complaint. Even people who have done years of therapy, meditation or even medication still can’t win their fight with depression. Through combining the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Stoic acceptance of pain and taking responsibility of your feelings. I’ve developed a Read More

Depression… You’re Doing it Wrong!

If you’ve been fighting against depression your whole life – trying to treat it or cure it – maybe you’ve been doing it wrong. Here’s a more Stoic and effective method to dealing with depression, from someone who found a new way. Read More

Stop Discouraging Yourself & Eliminate Negative Thoughts

“The only thing standing in between you and the achievement of your goals is the bullshit story you tell yourself”– Jordan Belfort   OK, so the Wolf of Wall Street had some problems of his own, but you can’t fault that advice. Whether or not you will spend your life as a Victim comes down to one simple concept: Will Read More

Managing the “I’m Not Good Enough” Story

Each of us has a secret. A BIG secret. The world’s best kept secret in fact! And it’s this: We all have negatives voice inside our heads, telling us terrible things about ourselves. Check out how to deal with it here… Read More