Control Freaks: Our Dark Secrets

Many of us are self-described Control Freaks. We feel a great neediness for things to be done the “right” way (our way), for life to be problem-free and smooth, and for everything to “make sense”. When this stuff doesn’t happen, we tend to get very stressed and frustrated. In this episode, we look at the truth behind controlling mindsets and Read More

Anyone else feel disappointed by the human race this year?

In my final video for 2019, I wanted to share my struggles with accepting the flaws of my species, and how I plan to work through this challenge in 2020. If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of BROJO’s content and dozens of confidence-building online courses by joining today. It’s free! Learn more here. ———————— For more personal Read More

Acceptance – How to Be OK With Life and Yourself

If you enjoyed this podcast, get access to more of BROJO’s content and powerful confidence-building email courses by joining today. It’s free! Learn more here! ———————— As we get older, we become ever more frustrated by how hard and unfair the world is. We also find it increasingly difficult to love ourselves, and we’re plagued by the not good enough Read More

Why am I uncomfortable receiving compliments?

Welcome back to Ask Dan Anything. Today, I came to realize that people are really uncomfortable receiving praise and compliments. I know I used to be like this. I was stuck in this weird loop. As a Nice Guy people-pleaser I was constantly seeking validation and approval but whenever somebody actually gave it to me I was very resistant to it. Read More

Bullying, Medication, and Trauma Recovery, with Melissa Wilson

Creator of “The Grass Gets Greener” podcast and Life Coach Melissa Wilson explains her vulnerable and inspirational story about how she survived terrible bullying to become self-confident and in control of her life. If you have any experience with bullies, social anxiety or trauma, please pay attention to what Melissa Wilson has to say.    

What 2017 Taught Us About Self-Acceptance

Dan and Mike – two founders of Brojo – talk about painful lessons they learned from 2017, hard year for both of them, and how they founded the secrets to self-acceptance. Listen and learn with them.    

Self Improvement Is A Waste Of Time

Does he really mean that? Yes, he does. Have you ever been wondering why improving yourself always just ends up with finding more weaknesses to work on? Does it feel neverending? Listen my discovery into a healthy alternative to self-improvement. This podcast will show you that one day you’ll finally be good enough!