[Short] “Should I hold back my honesty when I’m attracted to a girl?”

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A Brojo member sent in a question. Now this guy’s been working on being more honest, he’s loving it. But when it comes to interacting with woman that he’s attracted to, he’s wondering, you know, can I share too much? Should I withhold information if I think that that will make me more desirable? My answer to that is essentially about balance. Now withholding information to manipulate people into wanting more, that’s not the shortest path there. Instead, what I’d say is, Make sure that whatever information is being shared is reciprocated. And the easiest way to do this is only ever share one thing at a time and wait for them to match you. So, if you tell them, for example, that you find them attractive, don’t pile along with heaps of other things that you like about them. Just say, I find you attractive, and then wait to see how they feel about you.

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