[Short] Women: here’s how to get what you want from your man

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There’s something I have to give my wife a lot of credit for and that is over the course of our relationship She’s learned slowly, but surely to ask for things directly instead of hinting and hoping that I’ll get the message. Not only am I a man but I’m also a tad neurodivergent. So unless you come at me direct I don’t really know what you want. Now this is a huge thing for her to adjust to me because like most girls her age, she was raised on Disney Princesses and so on and taught to believe that you just sit around waiting for the man to come and rescue you, and for her to overcome that programming and learn that you don’t need to be surprised and swept off your feet to get what you want. You can just ask for it. That’s, that’s huge. It’s so hard. And it’s one of the chief causes of conflict that I see in relationships. So, to all the women watching this, trust me, you can just ask for it. It doesn’t need to be romantic every time.

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