[Short] Why your online dating chats aren’t going well

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A typical online interaction, especially say, on a dating app, will look something like, this.

The guy says Hi, or What’s up? And the girl says Hi back.

Then the guy says, How are you? The girl says Fine.

Then the guy says What are you doing? The girl says Not much.

And then the guy will get upset that the girl is somehow bad at communicating and that it’s not worth the effort, and that women are just terrible to talk to or something like that.

In fact, I often see repeated experiences like this build up a level of resentment that leads to misogyny and “Red Pill” conspiracy theories about how men are treated terribly by women and there’s no point trying to form relationships etc. etc.

He’ll not see that he’s the cause of his own problems.

He’s so focused on trying to “get” her that he can’t see that his communication sucks, that he’s boring and predictable, and that from her perspective he’s clearly just trying to drag her into a conversation and hook her in and make her invest, and he offers nothing in return.

He’s acting just like every other needy sex-obsessed guy and expecting that to make her attracted to him.

He is also overlooking the obvious fact that meeting and communication with women online is the least vibrant and connecting way to interact with someone, so he’s already starting on the back foot, not to mention that dating apps etc. aren’t exactly filled with confident healthy people.

He hasn’t even given himself a chance.

If you’re constantly having dating-related communications like this, you’re the one that needs to work on yourself.

You need to get more powerfully honest. You need to build the courage to initiate in-person conversations. You need to develop a more interesting life. You need to unleash your inner world to become more valuable.

…or this is just going to keep happening.


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