[Short] Why you suddenly lose interest in things you just started – Shiny Object Syndrome

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My old coach once said that I have Shiny Object Syndrome. He was referring to this pattern I have where I’ll get started with something, be really excited about it, really into it. And then over a very short period of time I just lose interest and get distracted and try to do something else. In my business what this is ended up with is I’ve done everything. I’ve got podcasts, videos, books, courses, coaching, three different Facebook groups, Like I start all these things, I do keep them going but then I always have to start something else. And this is actually an avoidant attachment issue. This is fear of commitment. It’s not wanting to be all in on something and it holds me back and holds everybody who does this back. So the key is for people like us is we need to choose something and stick to it and commit to it. No matter how uncomfortable that makes us feel and to get through the boredom that comes up because it’s an illusion.

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