[Short] Why Nice Guys love superhero movies

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When I was younger, I used to really enjoy X-Men and other superheros.

I used to like awake at night imagining myself with powers like invisibility or super strength.

It’s kind of amazing how into superhero stuff people are, until you realize that what you’re seeing is hero worship.

What I didn’t realize when fantasizing about having “powers” is that my subconscious was trying to tell me that I wasn’t using mine. I would often have these fantasies on days where I didn’t stand up for myself, or when I pretended to be something I wasn’t for approval, or for some other reason felt powerless.

The reason I worshipped superpowers in others, the reason I saw it as this external thing, is because I hadn’t found what mine were yet. More importantly, I wasn’t trying to use them.

If you want to feel powerful you have to figure out what your powers are and use them. Powers like assertive honesty, bold decisiveness, self-respect, and almost any form of courage.

You’re already a hero, you’re just not using what you got.

I think you’ll find that your love of Batman and Superman diminishes once you start being more powerful yourself.

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