[Short] Why Nice Guy husbands stop initiating sex

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For many years, the joke was always that married men at least had to beg for sex from their partners. All the sitcoms always used to make jokes about how the husband was desperately trying to get laid and always getting rejected. The truth, according to my email inbox, is quite the opposite. It’s mostly the men who are doing the rejecting or at least, they’re not initiating or they’re avoiding sex. While their partner is desperately trying to make something happen or has given up on even trying. What you’ve got to understand is that men these days have a lot of sexual shame and a lot of conditioning and programming that fucks them up in the bedroom, it makes them very hesitant around leadership sexually, and about risk-taking. If your man is not taking the lead in the bedroom, he probably has nice guy syndrome. It’s probably not a physical problem, he’s had it his whole life, he needs some coaching around his shame.

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