[Short] Why high achievers struggle to break through to the next level

There’s a pattern that I go through that you might also notice in yourself, if you’re the high achieving type, and that is when you’re doing well, you tend to cruise. You tend to button off, you stop reflecting and measuring, and you just kind of take it easy.

And then when you’re struggling, you put heaps of pressure on yourself, you try extra hard, you put in more effort.

So the pattern is you turn the volume down when you’re succeeding, and turn it up when you’re failing.

When you look at this pattern from a distance, you’ll see that you’re keeping yourself in the middle.

You’re not allowing yourself to achieve too high, but you’re not allowing yourself to crash too low. Your body’s trying to keep you in the Familiar Zone.

Entrepreneur guru Alex Hormozi helped me see the flaw in this design. It makes much more sense to exploit times of success and double down, and to rest and recover when you’re struggling.

If you want to upgrade, you actually have to go hard when things are going well, and take it easy on yourself when times are hard. It’s counter-intuitive, but that’s the key to success.

Success, by definition, is to upgrade from the Familiar Zone.

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