[Short] What’s happening with Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson??

Over the last year, I’ve experienced a kind of grief as a lot of the top people that I follow have kind of fallen from grace. People like Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson and some of my other role models.

They seem to have gone down a weird path and are no longer speaking the truth that they seemed to be speaking before, and are no longer as believable as I used to think them to be.

They were once what I considered to be experts in specific niche topics. Now it seems like they’ve left those topics behind.

And what I’ve realized is there’s a kind of Fame Guru complex, which is what happens when somebody who is only an expert on a small specific area blows up and becomes big and viral.

They start to believe in their own hype, probably due to sycophantic positive feedback from their audience, and seem to think that they’re actually an overall expert on everything. And so they start to stray out of their lane and just talk about everything and anything.

I’ve been guilty of this myself, with only a tiny audience. So I’m not judging them. I think it’s only human to succumb to this kind of echo-chamber seduction.

It’s self-fulfilling prophecy – when we treat someone as a god, they start to act like one.

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s made me lose faith in some of my role models because they’ve just gone way out of their lane. I don’t know what to do with this information, but I’d love to hear if it bothers you guys too.

I guess it’s hard to find a person to follow and look up to, because once they get “big” they seem to lose their minds.

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