[Short] What your dreams tell you about your self confidence

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I got a nice email from one of my former clients saying that since he did his confidence work he’s now able to beat up the bullies in his dreams.

See, he used to have dreams about his school bullies when he was younger, but he would never be able to hit them in the dream. His fist would always stop right before their face. Once he built his confidence, he could actually follow through.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with these kinds of dream problems. We’re too weak or slow, or we run away scared, or we lose our power in some way.

I used to have lots of nightmares about aliens and horror movie stuff. I’d never be able to beat them in my dreams, they’d always overpower me or outrun me. I’d often wake up silent-screaming.

Nowadays if I have a dream about that kind of stuff, I can just walk up to the alien and talk to them. There’s no fear anymore.

When you build your self-confidence, you start to trust yourself that you can handle things, and it will manifest in your dreams as somebody who’s actually capable. Somebody who can be trusted.

So it really is worth doing the work.

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