[Short] We’re not as divided as They say we are

There’s a little something that the politicians and the media don’t really want you to know, and that is:

If you sat down and just had a conversation with anyone that you think is on the “other team”, anyone you think you disagree with, and you just chilled and had a beer with them and talked about your different beliefs and tried to understand them, you’d probably get along really well.

It’s actually quite easy to get along with people on the other side of the fence. Our similarities far outweigh our differences. And when you try your best to understand how they came to their beliefs, you’ll see that they do it basically the same way you do, just in a different direction with different influences.

In the mainstream media, we just see the extremists. We see the cherry picked nutters who hate and rant and rage. It’s easy to believe that these people are representative of the whole of society.

But most people are actually pretty moderate. Most people are actually pretty understanding.

And “They” don’t want you to know this. They don’t want you to know that most of us would get along, even with different beliefs, if we weren’t provoked into rage and hate.

If you carry that sense of empathy with you, and you go talk to people, you’ll see that we’re not so divided after all.

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