[Short] Using a sandwich to boost your social skills

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So, I used to be pretty much addicted to Subway sandwiches. And I used to go to the same shop, just down the road 3, 4, however many fucking times per week, and it was there that I developed a social skill. Now, when I was at the sandwich place, I found they often couldn’t hear me and they’d get my order wrong. So I naturally had to start developing a habit of speaking louder. Then I started to realize that I was getting the same people each time and so I introduced myself because I figured, Hey we’re seeing each other all the time, were almost mates. And then I started learning more about them and sharing stuff about my day and asking, you know, they’d ask me how my day is going and I’d actually tell them. And what I did is I just started upping the level of connection with these people by having what I call non-transactional conversations, which is, I’d say more than what was needed to buy a sandwich, and this is my top social development skill, whenever you’re buying something say more, ask questions or tell them something about yourself and take yourself out of the transaction.

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