[Short] The weird reaction people pleasers have when someone they helped succeeds

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Have you ever noticed yourself doing a weird thing that I used to do a lot which is you’ll be helping someone encouraging them, supporting them, giving them advice, maybe someone like a partner, someone close to you, and then they actually finally start doing something about it and making progress and getting on with their life and they don’t need you anymore and instead of feeling happy for them, you feel something else, may be jealous, upset, unappreciated. Now this is a huge warning sign that all of that support and help you didn’t actually want them to make progress, you wanted them to need you and be dependent on you and you’re actually upset now that they don’t need you. So it shows you where that helping and support was really coming from and it can give you some insights as to the kind of unhealthiness underneath your fixing and people-pleasing.

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