[Short] The obvious reason why Nice Guys suffer from perfomance anxiety and ED

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Here’s something you probably don’t want to know about me: in my twenties I suffered a lot from erectile dysfunction. Now, this was really performance anxiety. Okay, I didn’t have a physical problem, and most guys with erectile dysfunction don’t have a physical problem. It’s all up in here. It’s emotional. The penis is an organ that responds very sensitively to stress and anxiety. And it responds by tensing up. Tensing up actually means a flaccid penis. If you want to deal with performance anxiety in the bedroom, you’ve got to understand it’s not about pills and medication. It’s not even about stress. It’s about your mentality when it comes to sexual shame and it’s about the conditioning and programming you have around performance in the bedroom. So you need to get some coaching and some therapy to help you see that sex is not about you being a people pleaser. It’s just about having some fun.

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