[Short] The No Force approach to disciplining your child

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Couple of weeks ago, I made a video talking about how I’m not going to force my daughter to brush her teeth, instead took more respectful approach where I let her do it in her own time. I just didn’t interact with her in terms of playing until she had done it. She was free to play on her own. A lot of people took exception to this approach. Well, two weeks later, she’s brushing her teeth. No hassles, no resistance whatsoever, on her own No trauma, nothing. So it takes longer to do the No Force approach, but when you get there, they get there of their own volition, their own autonomy and they don’t learn to bow down to authority which won’t serve them when they’re older. So I highly recommend this approach. It does work, it just takes longer. It means you got to delay gratification.

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