[Short] The invisible force causing you to sabotage your life

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Do you ever wonder why you and other people, everyone really, does stupid shit that ruins their life? Why do we procrastinate? Why do we self-sabotage? Why do we deliberately, seemingly deliberately, miss opportunities? Why do we say things that hurt people? Why do we not say things that would help? Why do we constantly day after day, spend too much money, eat too much shit food, hurt our social life, hurt our life in general? It’s because we’re tricked by our consciousness into thinking that our goal is to have a good life, our goal is to improve and get better, but if you look at your behavior, what you’ll see is you’re actually trying to stay the same. And your real goal is to maintain your current identity. Even if that identity is horrible, the identity of a loser, a loner, or a person who never gets anything right, your brain would rather cling to the stability of that identity than have a higher quality of life.

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  1. How do you hold yourself back? For me, it’s trying to do too many different things rather than focusing on one thing

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