[Short] The Hard Truth About Leadership

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One of the reasons that Mike and I started brojo is because we were frustrated with the absence of masculine men’s groups. We couldn’t find any that weren’t just about sort of hugging and crying about your feelings. We wanted something that was moving forward and action focused and we couldn’t find it. So we created it. And it’s been a frustration through a lot of my life that I’ve had to create the things that nobody else would create, even though I really just wanted them for myself. I wanted somebody else to do it. And it’s through this that I’ve learned what leadership really is. Leadership isn’t so much about having a following. Leadership is about going first. It’s about being the person that no one else is going to be, and even though you wish somebody else would do it and it wasn’t your burden, well the leader is the person who takes on that burden and gets all the associated glory and integrity and internal reward that comes with it, as well as the cost.



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  1. What are some of the other challenges people must accept if they want to be leaders? Comment below

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