[Short] The “God Complex” delusion that People Pleasers have but can’t see

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There’s a kind of narcissism in Nice Guys and people pleasers that we’re very reluctant to admit to ourselves. And I’ve called it, the Inept God Complex. So the god complex is where you think your grandiose, you think you’re awesome and you think you control everything, the inept God complex is where you think you control everything, but you’re not very good at it. So you’re responsible for everyone’s emotions and getting everything perfect all the time and you constantly fail. Now there’s actually a narcissism in that identity where you think you control everything and you think everything is your job to control. And if you can face the truth about that, if you look at yourself in the mirror and go, Fuck, I think I’m a God, just a shitty one, you’ll realize that this is ego rather than perfectionism.

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