[Short] The disgusting reason why I stopped doing Pick Up (PUA)

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So as a lot of you have been following me know, I have some history with the pickup artist industry. I used to get into that shit pretty hard in my early 20s when I was very desperate and so on and then eventually I kind of quit and found honesty and integrity and went down that path instead. Now what I’ve often spoken about is the reason I quit was because honesty was so much more rewarding and thrilling and that is the reason. But there was another thing as well, which I noticed right from the very beginning in in my time in pick up. To give you some context, I used to work as a probation officer, and I used to specialize in pedophiles and sex offenders. And the thing that really put me off pick up in the end was the fact that their methodology was exactly the same as grooming. And if you’re into pickup, you have to understand that it is identical to pedophiles grooming children and that should concern you.

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