[Short] The best tactic I can recommend for confidence building

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As a confidence coach I’ve often pondered what is the single best thing a person can work on in their life? You know, is it their health or their relationships, starting a business, starting a family? What’s the one thing that I should recommend to everybody? And I’ve got to tell you of all the things I’ve personally done in my life and tried and enjoyed and failed at and so on, nothing has been more satisfying than becoming someone who can speak his mind freely. To be able to say what I think and feel, give my opinions, my preferences, and my point of view, without any consideration for the consequences, without even thinking about what I’m saying, without even knowing how I’m going to say what I’m about to say. To have that level of freedom. Considering the prison I used to be in when all I worried about was what people thought of me. And so my recommendation to people is to work on that, I can’t think of something more beneficial.

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