[Short] Stop falling for this social media lie

This almost seems too obvious, like there’s no point in me saying it. But seeing how much suffering there is out there, maybe I do need to say it.

When you go onto social media, you are not seeing people’s real lives!

You’re not even seeing anything close to it.

And in fact, the more positivity you see on somebody’s social media, the more likely the exact opposite is happening in real life. It’s simple deduction: a confident and happy person doesn’t need to tell you that they’re confident and happy!

I’m a coach. I’ve dived deep into the private inner world of thousands of people. I know their lives behind the scenes… and I’m often also connected to them on social media.

I see the difference. I see what they look like, public-facing, and I compare that with what they tell me in private, and I’m telling you it’s worlds apart.

So when you get all that envy and resentment and guilt about having wasted your own life because of what you see in other peoples’ social media, remember that what you’re seeing is a lie.

They are struggling.

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  1. One way to confirm this is to look at your own social media posting, and compare that with what was really happening for you at the time. See the lie? We all do it.

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