[Short] Should you leave your partner if you’re attracted to someone else?

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Now, a lot of people once they get into a long-term relationship at some point, they’re going to find themselves attracted or interested in someone else. And the question is going to come up, should I leave my partner to be with this other person? Especially if there’s some sort of spark, something reciprocal, some sort of interaction. One of the difficulties is people often confuse brief attraction for a real connection and a real hope of a relationship. One of the things you’ve got to consider when you’re caught in the kind of dilemma of wanting to be with someone else is do you still want to be with your current partner? Because there’s a rule that you can set for yourself that helps sort this out. Before you do anything with anyone else, you must always break up with your current partner. So no cheating. No flirting. No exploring. Fully break up with your current partner. Now, if you don’t want to do that, then what you’re saying is you want to be with your current partner. So act accordingly and don’t pursue anybody else.

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