[Short] READ THIS if you feel like you’re always struggling

Today, I want to point out something that I thought was obvious, and yet lots of people are not seeing it.

(This may upset you.)

If you have ongoing suffering, beyond whatever the original trigger or setback was, where no matter what’s going on in your life you always seem to be struggling – you’re feeling down a lot of the time or you’re feeling worried a lot of the time or you’re angry a lot of the time – then you almost certainly have a mental illness.

Somebody with reasonably healthy psychology goes through life mostly feeling pretty good about themselves, and only really feels down when something objectively bad happens. And on those rare occasions where they’re depressed or anxious for no rational reason, it doesn’t last long and they’re soon back in the game.

When I look out into the world after studying psychology for nearly 20 years, I see a lot of undiagnosed and untreated mental illness. I see LOTS of unhealthy coping mechanisms, arrested development (child or teen behaviour in adults), substance abuse, and false personas.

You’re not alone.

So if you’re mostly feeling miserable and struggling with everyday life’s hassles, and that’s just a normal state for you, then you almost certainly have something dysfunctional happening in your brain and you should go get it checked out.

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  1. If you’re looking to choose between therapy or coaching, keep in mind the basics: therapy is about looking back, understanding, and healing. Coaching is about looking forward, figuring out your principles, and changing behaviour. Each is good depending on where you’re at.

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