[Short] I got into trouble and it was a helpful Nice Guy reminder

I recently got myself into a little tax-related drama…

It was not intentional on my part. I made some mistakes and didn’t understand the rules of the new country I live in. I got myself into a pretty uncomfortable position with taxes and getting that sorted out, and I’m going to be in some trouble and pay some fines.

Yet another painful lesson in the downsides of procrastinating on difficult tasks!

The reason I bring this up is because as a Nice Guy I used to always cling to the hope that eventually things will go “well”, and that bad things will just stop happening (e.g. tax dramas).

It’s what I call the Finish Line Fallacy – the idea that one day shit like this won’t happen anymore.

And one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that this kind of hope is poison.

Life will always up and fuck you at some point! No matter how well you’re doing and no matter how good your decision making is, you just can’t control all of this shit. It’s going to go wrong at some point.

So you can either hope that bad things won’t happen, or you can be prepared for them to happen and deal with it as somebody who knows that this is the price we pay for being alive.

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  1. I saw someone comment “The game is rigged”. Sometimes you have to realise that Life is the only game in town, and so you must play like there’s no choice. It’s like Squid Game – once you’re in, fight until it’s over.

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