[Short] How to stop getting caught up in media hysteria

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A common issue for all of us these days is getting caught up, emotional and distracted by all the negative global events that are exaggerated and aggravated by the news media.

My newsfeeds are full of doom and gloom and provocative headlines. No matter what I do, it seems that the algorithms are hell-bent on winding me up. They know my hot-button topics and push the wounds ruthlessly.

We get all worked up about these things, whether it’s the latest celebrity scandal or the climate change debate or transgender issues, and we end up with a powerless frustrated feeling.

Like there’s all this bad stuff going on and fuck all we can do about it.

We might argue with equally powerless strangers on the internet, but that’s about all we can do.

So, if you’re like me, you might be wondering, “How do I stop myself getting pulled into this black hole of misery and yet still do something positive about the issues I care about?”

I think the key is to take responsibility at an individual level instead of trying to change the world and change other people’s minds.

It all comes back to personal values and integrity.

There’s a hard truth to face here. The more you fight on social media and get worked up about the news, the more likely it is that you’re not actually doing anything practical to solve these problems or live by your own values.

Outrage is a convenient cover for inauthentic behaviour!

Just live the way you think is right and the way you think other people should live. Model the ideal behaviour.

If you hate the fact that being an employee is basically slavery for billionaires, then start your own business and then pay your employees generously.

If you think that school indoctrinates your children, arrange a homeschooling system with other local families who feel the same.

Only buy from boutique stores and avoid brand names. Recycle your plastic. Teach your children about sex. Grow your own garden.

Do whatever it is that you wish others would do, and redirect that wasted energy into behaviour you’re proud of.

And this way you fight “the system from” within you also do it without being a hypocrite.

P.S. You can safely stop watching the news without worrying that you’ll miss anything important. If it’s big enough, you’ll hear about it anyway.

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