[Short] How to know if your fear is irrational

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I know from experience, it can be really difficult to figure out whether your fear is rational or irrational. You know, whether you’re right to be afraid of this thing or if it’s just your insecurities and trauma and bullshit coming up. And one way to figure this out, is to look for what I call the Hydra effect. The Hydra is a mythical creature where every time you cut off its head two more grow in its place, you can never kill the thing. Well, if you have a fear that says, what if this happens, what if that happens, and every time you answer the question, it comes up with two more what ifs or three more what ifs, that’s a Hydra. And it means that your fear will never be satisfied with any of your answers which means, of course that your fear is not rational.

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