[Short] How to deal with friends who make fun of you

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A Brojo member asked me, how do you deal with friends who make fun of you? Now there’s a couple of things you can do. One is you can give it back, and the other is you can set boundaries. Because teasing and bantering can be totally healthy. It can be a great group culture where everyone gets along, especially with men, or it can be bullying disguised as banter. And the way to figure it out is first off set a boundary. So if there’s certain topics you’d rather they not go into, it doesn’t matter if you’re too sensitive or whatever, just tell them. Just say look you can make fun of me but just not that thing or don’t say that insult or whatever, and if they respect that and never do it again, then it turns out they do like you and they were just bantering. Also, you can give it back. So if you tease them in return for them teasing you and they laugh along with it, then it’s probably healthy. If they get nasty and double down and try to hurt you, then they were always bullying you.

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